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With First Phase Under its Belt, DC Eyes Future Streetcar Expansion

Written By Maxime Devilliers NARP policy intern Max Devilliers, a longtime resident of the Washington, DC-metropolitan area, attended an open house meeting on Washington's future North-South streetcar line on June 12. Streetcars were once the lifeblood of the Nation’s Capital, much like many other U.S. cities. The last streetcar ride in D.C. on January 28, 1962 marked the end of an era. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) implemented a plan several years ago to bring streetca

Shovels in the Ground for California's High Speed Rail Line

Written By Sean Jeans Gail After six years of hard work by advocates and state leaders, crews have begun construction work on California’s high speed rail line. Contractors are currently building a test piling near Madera, which will be anchored 80 feet below ground and secured with cement. This structure will not actually be part of the line; rather, the piling will be stressed until it breaks, providing necessary load-bearing data for engineers to safely design the viaduct system to supp

NARP Welcomes New Intern Karl Haljasmets

Written By Karl Haljasmets NARP is pleased to welcome Karl Haljasmets as a new summer intern. Karl is a public policy graduate student from Estonia and a Louis and Aldona Wos Scholar with the Fund for American Studies program. Hello! My name is Karl Haljasmets and with great joy I will have the opportunity to intern with NARP from June to August this summer. I am from Estonia and received my bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Tartu last summer. In September I sta

Train Wars: The Passengers Strike Back

Written By Sean Jeans Gail As you probably read in NARP's blog post yesterday, the House attached several anti-passenger train amendments onto the House transportation funding bill at the last second. NARP needs your help to let the House know America’s passengers are paying attention. We’re also asking you to help us turn back these awful amendments in the Senate. The amendments in question would cut the lowest-performing long distance route—the Sunset Limited—and eliminate food an

House Lands Sneak Attack on Amtrak

Written By Sean Jeans Gail In a flurry of after-hours activity, the U.S. House of Representatives tacked on several anti-Amtrak amendments to the House Transportation Appropriations bill yesterday. As we reported on Monday, Rep. Paul Broun's (R-GA) two attempts to eliminate funding were rebuffed in a bipartisan fashion. Last night, an extreme amendment offered by Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) to kill six long distance routes was also shot down. However, late in the evening, three anti-rail amen

Young Advocates Testify in Support of California High Speed Rail

Written By Logan McLeod Bianca Rodriguez of Fresno State I Will Ride (Photo by US High Speed Rail Association) Updated 6/12/2014 at 9:20am EDT In the debate surrounding the California High Speed Rail Project, one perspective that hasn’t been given much weight is that of younger generations. Stepping back, this is strange. After all, they’ll be the ones who get the most use from the train. They’ll be the ones paying back the infrastructure bonds that California’s voters approved in 2

Amtrak Bicycle Task Force: Bringing Bikes on Board

Written By Sean Jeans Gail Photo by Orin Zebest, courtesy of Skift As a leader in intercity passenger rail development, NARP has long understood that transportation works best when different modes work well together. By smoothing the seams between transportation systems, you showcase the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of each individual mode. So NARP was very excited when we were invited to join the Amtrak Bicycle Task Force, a coalition of passenger, cyclists and industry representat

NARP Welcomes New Intern Henry Zuo

Written By Henry Zuo NARP is pleased to welcome new summer intern Henry Zuo. Henry is an international student at Macalester College and a participant in the Fund for American Studies program. Hi! My name is Henry Zuo and I will intern with NARP for the summer. I am very passionate about politics, and, for a Chinese student, have a rare passion for U.S. domestic politics. I have been yearning for an opportunity to witness politics firsthand. Thus I am very excited for this learning opportun

But wait, there's less! — In the Face of Congressional Cuts, Amtrak Slashes On-Board Amenities

Written By Sean Jeans Gail "It's as if I'm watching one of those infomercials in reverse, and the spokesperson is saying, 'But wait — there's less!'" These were the words of Dave Kraminer, a regular patron of Amtrak’s Auto Train service (Lorton, VA – Sanford, FL), in a recent USA Today article. The piece examines trends negatively impacting the onboard experience of Amtrak passengers—an issue that has been lighting up phones in the NARP office for weeks. Increased prices for previou

Regional Flight Cuts Damage Mobility and Economic Development

Written By Henry Scherck Regional jets are becoming a rare sight at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. (Photo courtesy of Entry edited at 2:20pm on 5/29/14 “Every hub needs to earn its value every day.” Such were the words of Jeff Smisek, president of the newly merged United and Continental Airlines. The statement reflects a growing push for “capacity discipline,” the concept that every flight must be as close to capacity as possible. This concept has driven airl