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I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.

Written By Sean Jeans Gail Image courtesy USA Today On Tuesday, the Obama Administration released details about a $302 billion transportation package that includes $19 billion over four years for passenger trains. The proposal also includes $72 billion for transit over four years—a 70% increase over current levels—that will fund commuter rail systems, streetcars, and light rail lines across the U.S. The President’s transportation plan is paid for through corporate tax reform—a princ

Thank You, Ross Capon

Written By Jenna Jablonski As we watch Ross Capon move on from his role as President and CEO of NARP, we find it impossible to adequately express the impact he has made over his thirty nine years at NARP. In this Railway Age article, Eugene Skoropowski accomplishes just that -- putting into words not only what Ross has done for NARP but for all rail passengers across America. "Perhaps the most telling moment revealing Ross Capon’s knowledge and respect on Capitol Hill came at a NARP Board of

Get Involved in Restoring Passenger Rail Between Oklahoma City and Tulsa!

Written By Sean Jeans Gail Image courtesy May 14, 1967 marked the last passenger train service between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, with the last run of the Frisco's Oklahoman. Four years later saw passenger train leave Tulsa entirely, when the Santa Fe's Tulsan was discontinued on May 1, 1971. Today, we have the power to change that. Oklahoma’s Transportation Commission is deliberating on the future of the Sooner Subdivision, a 97 mile rail corridor between Oklahoma City an

The Pullman Porters and the Journey to Justice

Written By Lessie Henderson Image courtesy of WTTW Public Media Chicago In 1867, entrepreneur and industrialist George Pullman had an idea that revolutionized rail travel with the sleeper car. Pullman paid attention to and capitalized on the opportunities in the shift to industrialization and the railroads, which was taking over maritime transport. After a rough and uncomfortable train ride, he envisioned a hotel on wheels where passengers would receive 5-star service and a safe ride, while

President Obama Reveals 4-Year, $19 Billion Proposal for Trains

Written By Sean Jeans Gail St. Paul Union Depot (Photo courtesy Minnesota Public Radio) In a visit to St. Paul’s restored Union Depot, President Barack Obama outlined an ambitious $302 billion, 4-year investment plan for America’s roads, bridges, railways, and transit. $19 billion of that will go towards rail, with another $72 billion directed to transit. The President was in St. Paul to celebrate the renovation of Union Depot, which returned intercity passenger trains back downtown a

And, finally, politicians wavered in their support...

Written By Sean Jeans Gail Sometimes it seems like America has lost the ability to do truly big things. Previous generations carved out the Erie Canal, built the transcontinental railroad, laid the interstate highway, erected the Hoover Dam—heck, they sent people to the moonbecause it was hard. Nowadays, it seems like the best the traveling public can hope for is some sort of new mobile phone app. In today’s San Francisco Examiner, Thea Selby—a member of the advisory board for the Cal

Trains return to Tulsa

Written By Colin Leach The Saratoga and North Creek is another Iowa Pacific-owned company that provides semi-regular passenger service. Trains like this one will soon serve Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Photo credit to Peter Flass via Wikimedia. Since the introduction of Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer in 1999, Oklahomans have once again seen the benefits of passenger rail service as a fast, relaxing mode of transportation. Rather than having to contend with frequent traffic jams and other congestion

NARP joins Amtrak in celebrating Black History Month

Written By Lessie Henderson Thomas J. Gray of Chicago, Pullman Porter (1923–1968). Photo courtesy: Thomas Gray family NARP is joining Amtrak in honoring Black History Month. The railroad will be hosting with a wide variety of contests, promotions and events throughout the country. The events highlight Amtrak employees and others that have demonstrated excellence and having a positive impact on the job and in their communities. Amtrak is also partnering with to sponsor an onl

More Evidence That Millennials are Turning Their Back on Autos

Written By Ross Capon The Financial Times reported this week that “the average age of a new car buyer in Germany rose to a record 52.2 years in 2013, three years older than the average a decade ago, reflecting a trend observed in other industrialised countries.” This follows on a report from in June, 2012, that 18-34 year olds “accounted for nearly 30 percent less of new cars bought in 2011 than in 2007, according to new car registration data from Polk. Yet, this group's sh

The Olympics Ride the Rails

Written By Colin Leach Regional trains wait at Sochi station. Photo: Dmitri Selivyorstov via Wikimedia Foundation Whether in their summer or winter variations, hosting the Olympics give national and local governments an opportunity to showcase the best they have to offer—not just in athletics, but also in the supporting transportation infrastructure. What good, after all, is building an Olympic Village, complete with new stadiums, if there’s no way to get there? That’s why in most Oly