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RPA is the leading national voice for passenger train advocacy -- but we're not alone in the fight for a world class U.S. rail network. Check out these like minded groups for more train-related information.

RPA's Coalition Partners

RPA Regional Groups

Local Citizen Rail Groups







  • Delmarva Rail Passenger Association (Delaware - Maryland Eastern Shore); Contact Tom Posatko for more information.








  • On Track Kentucky (Facebook)
  • Louisvillians for Modern Mass Transit (Facebook)
  • Kentucky Rail Advocates: Contact Jon Owen (click to email), (502) 776-1967








North Carolina


New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina





Rhode Island

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West Virginia

Route Support Groups

Advocates of Transit, High Speed Rail and Balanced Transportation - National & Canada

  • Carbusters...international organization promoting alternatives to "car culture," including mass transit and rail
  • Center for Neighborhood Technology...a group located in Chicago concerned about sustainable transportation policy, including rail, with many other resources
  • Center for Transportation Excellence...a non-partisan policy research center that includes rebuttal information about common criticisms of rail transit
  • Community Transportation Association of America...a non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to mobility for all people, advocating affordable and accessible community transportation. Publishers of RAIL Magazine
  • Culture Change...hilighting issues surrounding peak oil and conservation
  • Environmental Law and Policy Center...a Midwestern public interest environmental advocacy organization working to achieve cleaner energy resources and implement sustainable energy strategies, promote innovative and efficient transportation and land use approaches - including high-speed rail
  • Friends of Amtrak...Internet effort to support continued Amtrak funding, by Craig S. O'Connell.
  • High Speed Rail Canada...national citizens' advocacy group
  • Light Rail Now..."charitable educational enterprise designed to support efforts both within North America and worldwide to develop and improve light rail transit (LRT) and other rail transit and mass transportation systems."
  • National Corridors Initiative...business, environmental, government, academic leaders advancing rail-corridor development as economic development, congestion mitigation, and environmental tools; linking those corridors into a network that maintains a true national rail system a high priority
  • OneRail Coalition...a coalition of freight, passenger, transit, environmental and labor groups, OneRail advocates for increased investment in the nation's railroad infrastructure to ensure our continued mobility, economic competitiveness and job creation, as well as to meet the energy and climate challenges of the 21st century
  • Rail Users Network...representing long-distance, commuter and transit riders.
  • States for Passenger Rail Coalition...organization representing state departments of transportation that seek to grow and improve the passenger train network with federal and state support.
  • Surface Transportation Policy Project...STPP wants intercity and local rail to have a strong presence in transportation public policy.
  • Traveler's United ... THE organization fighting for all traveler's across modes for consumer rights.
  • Transport 2000 Canada...The national group for users of public transportation in Canada, including rail and transit
  • US High Speed Rail Association..."the only organization in America focused entirely on advancing a state-of-the-art national high-speed rail network across the country."
  • Victoria Transport Policy Institute... a research organization in Canada but which writes frequently about US transportation issues

Outside the United States and Canada

  • Railfuture - "The independent campaign for a better passenger and freight rail network" in the United Kingdom.
  • Rail Users Ireland - Organization representing thousands of rail users across all 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland, working for improved infrastructure and service.
  • Pro Bahn - Organization of German rail passengers
  • Pro-Bahn Schweiz ("ProRail Switzerland") Representing train and transit passengers in Switzerland (Note: Website is in German. English translation here.)
  • Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz (VCS) ("Traffic Club of Switzerland") Organization promoting sustainable transportation in Switzerland, including walking, cycling and public transit, supporting "an optimal combination of different transport modes." (Note: Website is in German. English translation here.)

Industry Groups

  • Alstom...supplier of propulsion systems for Amtrak high-speed Acela Express, and other products
  • American Passenger Rail Coalition...APRC represents railroad equipment suppliers and rail businesses working together for a better and safer passenger rail system
  • Bombardier...Manufacturer of many kinds of rail equipment, including Horizon cars, Superliner II's, and Acela Express for Amtrak
  • GE Transportation Systems...builder of Amtrak's P-32 and P-42 diesel locomotives
  • Operation Lifesaver Inc....a nationwide, non-profit public information program dedicated to reducing collisions, injuries and fatalities at highway-rail crossings and on railroad rights-of-way; site has news reports, educational materials, statistics, safety tips, upcoming events, and information on how to get involved
  • Railway Supply Institute...Trade group representing rail industry supply businesses
  • Railway Technology...Web site for the international rail transport industry; with news on current projects and developments, an equipment, products and services guide, exhibition and conference listings, an industry associations directory, as well as a comprehensive links page to relevant rail transportation resources.
  • Siemens Transportation Systems...International manufacturing concern, leading supplier of light rail cars in North America with assembly plants in Carson and Sacramento, Cal.
  • Talgo...manufacturer of tilt trains used in Pacific Northwest Amtrak service

Rail Labor