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Release #17-20

RPA Board Member Jim Hamre and Member Zack Willhoite Reported Among Fatalities in Amtrak Cascades Derailment

For Immediate Release (17-20) December 19, 2017 Contact: Xenophon Strategies - (202) 289-4001 Passionate Train Advocates Remembered as Devoted to Family and Friends Washington D.C. - The rail community is shocked at the loss of two Rail Passengers Association members Jim Hamre and Zack Willhoite, who reports have confirmed are among the three fatalities in the Amtrak derailment that occured yesterday near Tacoma, Wash. Both men were devoted to their family and friends, as well as passionate

Release #17-18

Rail Passengers Urge Focus on Emergency Response Following Amtrak Derailment in Dupont, Wash.

For Immediate Release (#17-18) December 18, 2017 Contact: Xenophon Strategies – (202) 289-4001 RPA Expresses Concern for Passengers and Crew Washington, D.C. – The Rail Passengers Association is closely monitoring the derailment of Amtrak Cascades #501, which occurred in Dupont, Wash., before 8 a.m. PT on December 18. The train was reported to be carrying about 78 passengers and five crew when cars left the track near an overpass over the I-5 interstate highway. Photos and televisi

Release #17-19

Rail Passengers Association Remembers CSX CEO Hunter Harrison’s Love For Railroading

For Immediate Release (17-19) December 18, 2017 Contact: Xenophon Strategies - (202) 289-4001 Washington D.C. - Following the passing of CSX CEO Hunter Harrison on Saturday, December 16, Rail Passengers Association President and CEO Jim Mathews said: "The Rail Passengers Association notes with sadness the passing of CSX's Hunter Harrison. Always controversial and always challenging, his love of railroading and his successes mark him as a giant in the field. We offer our sincere condolence

Release #17-17

National Association of Railroad Passengers Unveils New Brand

For Immediate Release (#17-17) November 29, 2017 Contact: Xenophon Strategies - (202) 289-4001 NARP Now Known As the Rail Passengers Association Washington D.C. - The Rail Passengers Association, formerly known as the National Association of Railroad Passengers--or NARP--unveiled an innovative “logo system” and a revamped brand image at its annual conference, “RailNation Chicago,” earlier this month. The brand switch comes on the 50th anniversary of the organization’s founding, an

Release #17-16

NARP Calls for Congressional Action to Address Epidemic of Train Delays

For Immediate Release (#17-16) October 12, 2017 Contact: Xenophon Strategies - (202) 289-4001 During this week’s Surface Transportation Board public listening session on CSX Transportation’s rail service meltdown, NAPR President Jim Mathews warned regulators that a legislative fix will be required to ensure that passengers are able to enjoy the full rights granted to them under current law. “It’s often said that passenger trains serve as the canary in the coalmine for railroad operat

Release #17-15

Economic Report: Killing Amtrak Would Cost U.S. Billions, Hurt Rural Americans

For Immediate Release (#17-15) October 2, 2017 Contact: Xenophon Strategies - (202) 289-4001 Rail Passengers’ Analysis Shows Expanding Service Would Add Billions in Development, Jobs, Investment, Tourism, and Safety Washington, D.C. - The National Association of Railroad Passengers’ newly released economic report reveals that cutting train service across the U.S. would disproportionately affect low income households in rural communities across the country. At the same time, the new repor

Release #17-14

NARP Issues Statement on June 27 Amtrak Accident

For Immediate Release (#17-14) Contact: Xenophon Strategies – (202) 289-4001 Washington, D.C. – NARP President Jim Mathews released the following statement on the Amtrak accident on June 27 near Washington, D.C., in which two CSX employees were reportedly killed while on the tracks. “On behalf of rail passengers everywhere, we express our sincere condolences to the two people who lost their lives and their families. This is a sad and unfortunate reminder of how hard the job is to keep u

Release #17-13

NARP Welcomes Richard Anderson as Amtrak President and CEO

For Immediate Release (#17-13) Contact: Xenophon Strategies – (202) 289-4001 Washington, D.C. – The National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP), the only national membership organization fighting for passenger rail in America, welcomed Amtrak’s announcement yesterday that it hired a new President and CEO, Richard Anderson. Anderson, former chief executive officer of both Delta and Northwest Airlines, will begin his role on July 12, according to Amtrak. In response, NARP President

Release #17-12

White House Budget Will Kill Amtrak Service

Rail Passengers Launch "Rally for Trains" Campaign For Immediate Release (#17-12) Contact: Xenophon Strategies – (202) 289-4001 Washington, D.C. - This summer's travel season may be the last with passenger trains for millions of Americans. The Trump Administration's proposed budget wipes out funding for long distance train service in over 220 cities and towns and in 23 states that will lose train service completely. In response to the budget, Jim Mathews, President and CEO of the National

Release #17-11

Rail Passengers Sends Two Interns on Cross-Country Trip by Train

#SummerByRail 2017 to Stop in 22 Cities Over 27 Days on a Multi-modal Adventure For Immediate Release (#17-11) Contact: Xenophon Strategies – (202) 289-4001 Washington, D.C. – Two college students won the summer’s best internship which will take them on a 27-day road trip by train to 22 cities. Victoria Principato and Caitlin Boyle were hired by the National Association of Rail Passengers (NARP) for the 2nd annual “Summer By Rail” journey where they will s