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High Speed Rail has its day on ‘The Hill’

July 11, 2012

In collaboration with the International Union of Railways (UIC), the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) hosted The High-Speed Rail “Washington Day” which is a preview event a day before the UIC’s 8th World Congress on High Speed Rail (UIC HIGHSPEED 2012), held biannually this event attracts attendees from around the world to exchange views on the development and achievements...

NARP Council Member goes above and beyond for Cardinal passengers

July 9, 2012

Written By Sean Jeans Gail In Saturday’s edition of the West Virginia Gazette-Mail, reporter Phil Kabler covered some of the fallout from the previous week’s massive derecho storm. Kabler ends up unearthing the following story about one of NARP’s own: Among the untold acts of kindness after the storm, Chuck Riecks, state representative for the National Association of Railroad Passenger...

California high-speed rail roundup – Victory Edition

July 9, 2012

Written By Sean Jeans Gail After a wide margin of approval from the State Assembly on July 5th,California’s high-speed rail project was approved by the State Senate in a narrow 21-16 vote. The San Francisco Chronicle reports: A divided state Senate approved billions of dollars in funding to start construction on California's ambitious high-speed rail line Friday, handing the controversial pr...

Trains: Carriers of the American Dream

July 5, 2012

Written By Malcolm Kenton 1990s Amtrak postcard.As I took in a parade and fireworks to celebrate Independence Day yesterday, I was thinking about what we Americans value and take pride in, and how passenger trains, especially where they are frequent and reliable, either embody or contribute to these values. I guess it's no surprise, given the extent to which railroads made, and continue to make,...

"Train Wars" documentary project looks at high-speed rail in America

July 3, 2012

Written By Sean Jeans Gail It’s no secret that high-speed rail has become a hyper-partisan issue in the past few years. What’s not always clear, however, is how this state of affairs came to be. Roger Rudick and Luke Mines, two journalists living in California, are filming a documentary called Train Wars that tackles this very issue. Here’re Rudick and Miles describing the motivation for t...