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John R. Martin Passenger Train Advocacy Award

This award, named after the late long-time (volunteer) President of NARP, is given at the sole discretion of the Chairman and President of NARP to individuals who have given many years of exceptional service to our cause and to America's rail travelers.

Recipients of the John R. Martin Train Advocacy Award

2015 - Charles Hamilton

For his efforts in bringing the Association's advocacy efforts into the Twenty-First Century. Though his contributions travel through the ether, they have and will continue to have substantive impact for those traveling aboard High Iron.

2012 - Barry E. Green

For his tireless work as Montana's most vocal passenger train advocate, for his leadership in helping to organize the Northwest Division of the NARP Council, and for his work with state and federal elected officials to lay the groundwork for restoring train service to southern Montana and North Dakota.

2009 - Wayne E. Davis

For his decades of devotion to the successful effort to bring passenger train service back to southern Maine after a 30-year absence and to extend and improve the heavily-patronized Amtrak Downeaster. Davis "has set a gold standard for effective citizen action."

2007 - Lloyd Flem

For his leadership in influencing the Washington legislature, the state DOT and many local political leaders throughout the state, and for teaching all train advocates the importance of "praising and pushing" elected officials.

2005 - Ed Von Nordeck

His encyclopedic knowledge of the passenger rail business and what is really going on “in the field” has been invaluable in helping keep NARP and Amtrak focused on what is important. The award states, in part, ““His wealth of knowledge, his insights into how things can be done better, and the enormous amount of time and energy he devotes to sharing and advancing helpful ideas have benefited countless passengers and are greatly appreciated by fellow rail passenger advocates.”

2001 - Leif Erik Lange

Mr. Lange's professional and personal efforts were critical to the significant growth in California passenger train service -- both intercity and commuter rail -- that occurred over the past two decades. His work helped lay the foundation for future growth in the years to come.