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Hotline #968: Cities Look At Transit-Oriented Development; HSR in TX to Break Ground in 2017; CA Wins Lawsuit for HSR

June 17, 2016

Transit-oriented development and planning are getting a fresh look in cities around the U.S., as planners in communities large and not-so-large have started going beyond the usual textbook mix of elements to understand what really animates residents and would drive successful projects. In Miami Beach for example, one developer that is bidding on project to bring light-rail to that city released r...

Hotline #967: Transit Overhauls Expand Nationwide; DOT Secretary Foxx Pushes for Connecting Communities; NARP Supports CHSRA

June 10, 2016

For years, NARP and other rail and transit advocates have pushed for government officials at federal, state and local levels to focus on developing and revitalizing rail transit throughout the country. Though this effort can sometimes be challenging and arduous at any level, slowly but surely we have seen new projects take hold, succeed and bring new benefits, such as increased mobility, new jobs,...

Hotline #966: Longest and Deepest Rail Tunnel Opens; NARP Warns of “Transportation Meltdown”; WMATA Releases Maintenance Schedule

June 3, 2016

Any transportation infrastructure project takes time to plan, develop and construct as initiatives require feasibility and environmental studies, cost estimates, funding, and more. This is a reality for major projects like high-speed rail in California, more localized projects like light-rail in the Seattle area, or even projects that have a major regional and national scope, such as the Hudson Tu...

Hotline #965: Senate Approves Further Amtrak Support for NEC; MTA Receives $27 Billion; Developers Focus on Revitalization Centered Around Rail

May 27, 2016

Regular and continuous investment in railroad infrastructure is vital to long-term growth and success, especially for Amtrak in the Northeast Corridor. Congress made note of this when it passed a new measure that would allow Amtrak to direct money into overdue repair and maintenance work between Washington and Boston, its busiest route in the country. The appropriations bill was passed last week a...

Hotline #964: NTSB Findings on Train 188; CHSRA Receives Grant Extension; NARP Intern Travels Across U.S. by Rail

May 20, 2016

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released its investigative findings regarding Amtrak Train 188, which derailed last May. The results of the investigation state that the Amtrak engineer was mostly likely distracted by radio discussions regarding an emergency situation on a different train that was stuck by rocks. Due to that emergency radio traffic, the engineer lost track of where...