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Hotline #672-A

June 12, 1991

Debate began yesterday morning and still continues on S.1204, the Moynihan surface transportation bill. The great showdown has been between Senator Moynihan (D.-N.Y.) himself, whose bill does the most in terms of including passenger rail as an eligible trust fund program and a level playing field across all modes, and Senator Warner (R.-Va.), who is leading a coalition of Senators from Highway Tru...

Hotline #672

June 7, 1991

Through a technical procedure, the number of the Moynihan surface transportation bill is not S.965. It is now S.1204. It was discussed briefly on the Senate floor yesterday, but further action is postponed until the morning of June 11. The Moynihan bill is still upsetting Senators from the Highway Trust Fund "donor states." They would like to scrap the Moynihan bill and replace it with a bill of t...

Hotline #671

May 31, 1991

It looks like S.965, the Senate surface transportation bill, will be voted on by the full Senate the week of June 10. Despite the good results of the May 22 mark-up, pro-rail language is still not entirely out of danger. Senator Warner (R.-Va.) has threatened a floor fight because the bill doesn't help Highway Trust Fund "donor states" such as Virginia. Of course, the Administration is still oppos...

Hotline #670

May 24, 1991

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee marked up S.965, the Moynihan surface transportation bill, on May 22, and reported it to the full Senate. The results were very good. The rail language was changed from just the word "rail" to "passenger rail," so it still includes Amtrak. However, the part allowing operating funding to come from the Highway Trust Fund was dropped, so now it is...

Hotline #669

May 17, 1991

Committee mark-up of S.965, the Senate version of the surface transportation bill, was delayed until May 22. In the meantime, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held hearings on May 13 and 14, at the request of many parties, including the Administration, who didn't like S.965. NARP still likes the bill and is working to see that the positive, pro-rail language put in by Senator Moyn...