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Rail Passengers Introduces American Rail Magazine

November 17, 2023

For Immediate Release (23-10)
Contact: M. Ned Butler ([email protected])
Communications Manager

Rail Passengers Introduces American Rail Magazine

Washington, DC – Rail Passengers Association, the leading advocacy organization for passengers in the United States, is thrilled to announce plans to launch a captivating new magazine, “American Rail,” dedicated to exploring the rich possibilities of passenger rail travel in the United States with the dawn of the Passenger Rail Renaissance.

With its debut issue set to hit the stands this winter, the magazine promises to delight and inform readers with in-depth features, important news, and engaging stories that celebrate the essence of American railroads while showcasing the opportunities now emerging thanks to historic new investment in the U.S.

“American Rail” is a testament to the enduring spirit of rail travel, shining a light on the diverse passenger experiences available on the rails across the country, inspiring readers to continue supporting the revitalization of critical infrastructure, helping cities, towns, states, and tribes understand the new possibilities, and creating the excitement we need to inspire the next generation of passengers and riders.

Jim Mathews, President and CEO of Rail Passengers Association, expressed his excitement at the launch.

“With this magazine, we hope to convene a national conversation about the vital role that railroads play in connecting people, places, and ideas,” Mathews said. “It’s going to devote itself wholly to exploring, explaining, and celebrating the new Passenger Rail Renaissance made possible by the historic 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, while also holding all the important actors accountable for keeping the promises the BIL makes to passengers and the American people.”

Highlights of “American Rail” include:

In-Depth Features: Explore the hidden gems, historic routes, and the unique destinations reached by rail through in-depth articles and expert analysis. With more robust support for passenger rail, your hometown could be the next stop on our list!

Hometown Highlights: We’ll show how passenger rail contributes to the economic well-being of communities large and small across the United States, and flag those places that are positioned to make the most of the coming new investments.

Stunning Visuals: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery and architectural wonders that rail travel unveils, beautifully captured through vibrant photographs.

Passenger Stories: Hear firsthand accounts from fellow passengers about their unforgettable rail journeys, inspiring readers to create their own memories.

Expert Opinions: Stay informed with insights from industry experts, policymakers, and advocates, offering perspectives on the future of rail transportation in the United States.

For more information about the magazine, please visit AmericanRailMagazine.com


About Rail Passengers Association:

Rail Passengers Association is the leading voice for the more than 40 million rail passengers in the United States. We are a non-profit organization fighting for a modern and robust national rail network that delivers safe, efficient, and affordable rail travel for all passengers. By mobilizing a grassroots network of rail advocates, we work to improve and expand conventional intercity and regional passenger train services, support higher speed rail initiatives, increase connectivity among all forms of transportation and ensure safety for our country's trains and passengers. All of this makes communities safer, more accessible, and more productive, improving the lives of everyone who lives, works, and plays in towns all across America.