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The Trump Budget Strikes Back! (UPDATE)

September 6, 2017

UPDATED: September 7th

In an unexpected move, Congress launched debate on a series of transportation amendments late last night, with NARP staff tracking movement on the House floor.

We're thrilled to report that a bipartisan coalition of House Transportation leadership took a strong stance in support of America's national rail network, and all anti-Amtrak amendments were defeated. The Trump Budget proposal to end long-distance trains has been turned back again!

NARP will spend today tallying the votes. For now, we can all take satisfaction in knowing that a summer of hard-fought advocacy has paid on in a strong, bipartisan coalition capable of turning back these kind of attacks!

Thank you for your support of passenger rail and our mission at NARP!

Jim Mathews, President & CEO | NARP

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Vote counts:

  • Amendment #33 by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL): Ends Amtrak's National Network through the elimination of $1.1 billion in grant funding. [Defeated by a vote of 128 Yeas - 293 Nays]
  • Amendment #32 by Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC): Eliminates a $900 million allocation for the upgrade of an Amtrak rail line between Newark and New York City. [Defeated by a vote of 159 Yeas - 260 Nays]