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How To Bring Rail To YOUR Hometown

August 31, 2023

by Jim Mathews / President & CEO

You want more trains, to more places, for more people...where YOU live. Let’s face it, that’s why any of us are here. One of the best ways you, personally, have to make that happen in your community is to share success stories with your elected officials. Your Mayors, your town council or city council representatives, your state legislators, all need to hear directly from you – a concerned voter – about how much better things can be where you live, work, and play with more and better trains in the mix.

But how do you tell that story? Especially if it hasn’t happened yet in your hometown?

Meridian, Miss., is one of those places that keeps getting better and better thanks to the benefits of passenger rail service and investment. In fact, a national survey just ranked Meridian among America’s top ten small towns. The theme of this year’s meeting in Meridian is “My Hometown,” with everything designed to help you not just have a great time (which I promise you will!) but to get a real up-close look at the ingredients Meridian used to make the most of its passenger rail investments.

Our upcoming Fall Conference in Meridian is exactly where YOU should be if you want to learn how to use rail to make where you live thrive just like Meridian.

When you attend RailNation:Meridian, you’ll get discounted, behind-the-scenes access to great museums, a live concert at the Riley Center, terrific restaurants and nightlife, a walkable downtown, a phenomenal railway museum, and a beautiful – and affordable – landmark hotel. I call it “fun…with a purpose.” I really want to show you a great time in Meridian, so that you can go back home and tell your elected and appointed officials all about it!

Of course, there’s a serious side too. We’ll have top rail leaders from around the country there for you to meet and to ask questions. We’ve got exciting, engaging panel discussions with Mayors who have made rail successful where they live, and Mayors who are working on next steps. We’ve got workshops to help you learn, hands-on, how to work with Mayors and local officials to get more trains in your town.

Whether you’re a long-standing dues-paying member of this Association, a financial supporter, or just someone who cares about passenger trains, YOU have a place at this Conference. We want to welcome you with open arms. And it’s not just us: the City of Meridian is rolling out the red carpet for us. They’re proud of what rail has done for their city, and they want you to see how you can make that work in your OWN community.
The room block at the historic Threefoot Hotel expires soon. And we really want you to secure your place. Register today to visit Meridian with us, and learn all about the exciting things your Association is spearheading nationwide to bring more trains to more places for more people everywhere in the United States.

If you haven’t yet registered, please do it today. You don’t want to miss out, and we don’t want to miss you! See you there!