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Put America Back to Work | Online Advocacy Campaign

April 7, 2020


If you didn't get a chance to reach out to your elected official's offices on Tuesday, March 31st during our virtual Day on the Hill, don't worry - you still have time! Use THIS LINK to contact your members of Congress and share our legislative asks.

Find everything you need at our legislative resources page.

We would stress two major talking points for our post-pandemic recovery:

  1. Transportation Keeps the U.S. Economy Moving: in addition to employing over 13 million people, the transportation sector is a foundational part of our economy. If we want to get America back to work, we need Congress to ensure that these transit agencies and commuter railroads are still able to move U.S. workers.
  2. Passenger Rail Investment Will Put Americans Back to Work: As Congress turns to additional phases for relief, passenger and transit should be a critical component of any economic recovery package. There are tens of billions of dollars worth of rail projects that could be quickly funded to create construction and manufacturing jobs for Americans -- and they will produce long-term benefits for America's transportation infrastructure.

We are asking you to personalize the message as well: what city/town you live in, what station you use the most, what Amtrak route you use the most and why, etc.

If you have a local/regional project or issue that you are advocating or if you have a personal relationship with your official (or members of their staff) we want that to be present in your communication. Ultimately, these asks are to benefit your communities and we want that compassion to shine through

Our advocacy doesn't stop with Day on the Hill and there is still time to fight for more and better passenger trains in this country.

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