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What do you get for $3 a month?

NARP has direct benefits easily worth more than that. With average ticket prices ranging $30 to $400, our 10% discount on Amtrak alone is easily worth that much—and we have many more direct benefits to membership.

But we’re more than a discount club.

Have you ever been frustrated by a late train? Have you wished that the system went somewhere that it doesn’t? Or runs faster than it does?

With a NARP Membership, you’re being proactive and actually doing something about it.

We keep our fingers on the pulse of transportation legislation here in Washington D.C., and know when decision makers have the best or worst intentions for our passenger trains. We'll reach out when big decisions are in the pipeline to make sure they don’t do damage in obscurity.

We then make it easy for you to send letters and make phone calls to your representatives, and push them to support our passenger trains. With our system, you can usually do so in less than a few minutes!

For 50 years, NARP has been the passenger’s tireless advocate— Start saving money. Start making train travel better.

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