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Oklahoma-Kansas Inspection train

Amtrak will operate a one-way inspection train on June 9th, starting its trip in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and ending in Kansas City, Missouri. Amtrak intends to evaluate the section of BNSF Right of Way and explore the possibility of extending its Heartland Flyer north to Newton, KS with hopes to connect it with the existing Southwest Chief line. Expanding and connecting passenger rail in this part of the country is crucial in solidifying the importance of the national rail network. Have a look at the schedule, and consider meeting the train at one of its stops if you can!

For the inspection train’s full schedule for June 9th, please see below:

  • 7:45am CDT DP Oklahoma City Santa Fe Station (downtown)

  • 8:30am DP Guthrie

  • 9:15am DP Perry

  • 10:00am DP Ponca City

  • 10:45am DP Ark City

  • 12:05pm DP Wichita

  • 1:00pm DP Newton

  • 2:20pm DP Emporia

  • 3:45pm DP Topeka

  • 5:30pm AR Kansas City Union Station