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Members of the National Association of Railroad Passengers nationwide think Amtrak’s Cardinal train should operate daily in each direction and be upgraded with at least one additional sleeping car. We're coordinating a campaign of thousands of grassroots activists in communities all along the train's route to try to make this happen. It's good for passengers...it's good for their communities...and it's good for business.


Currently, the Cardinal operates three days a week in each direction between Chicago and New York City. Its route takes a southerly route, passing through Indianapolis, IN; Cincinnati, OH; Charleston, WV; Charlottesville, VA; Washington, DC; and up the Northeast Corridor, stopping at Baltimore, Philadelphia, among other cities en route to New York City.

The Cardinal is one of Amtrak’s smaller trains—typically with one sleeping car, three coaches and a diner/lounge. Amtrak has recently added a business class option.

Who Rides The Cardinal?

In 2015, some 102,000 people traveled on the Cardinal. This number is remarkable because the Cardinal’s schedule is inconvenient. The train only runs three days a week and much ridership is lost because prospective passengers are unwilling to spend as much as two days in a hotel in order to take this train.

Who Needs The Cardinal?

While The Cardinal is without doubt one of Amtrak’s more scenic trains, far more importantly, it provides essential public transportation for literally several million people living in small towns in Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia. In fact, for many of these people—people who are unable to drive for hundreds of miles or who may live a hundred miles or more from the nearest airport—The Cardinal is their only practical, affordable option for long distance travel. NARP believes strongly that access to affordable public transportation is a basic right of all American citizens.