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Promotional Materials

This is your toolkit for promoting NARP's mission in your community. Download and distribute these materials to spread the word about the importance of America's passenger trains!

[If you'd like hard copy membership brochures or newsletters to distribute, call 202-408-8362 or email us your request. Thank you for your support!]

2017 NARP Advocacy Materials

  • Report Your Meetings to NARP: a form for providing NARP staff with information on your meetings with your Members of Congress.
  • NARP FY 2017/2018 Budget Table: a clear outline of the funding levels NARP’s asking for, and the funding levels Congress has authorized.
  • 2017 Legislative Ask: overview of the federal policies and investment we're advocating for in 2017 (in development).
  • Guide to Effective Engagement: got questions about how to best engage your elected officials? We’ve got answers!
  • NARP Rail & Transit Infrastructure Projects: unsure what rail and transit projects to promote to your representatives? We can help! (Want to add a state- or city-sponsored train projects to the list? Mail us at narp[at]narprail.org, subject line "Rail Project List." Please do your best to include the relevant information outlined in our sheet.)
  • 2018 Town Hall Project: a national list of town halls being held by members of Congress, updated frequently.
  • NARP Fact Sheet - National Network: Fact sheet detailing the economic and mobility benefits of Amtrak's national network.

NARP Membership Brochure

Side 1- Information

Side 2- Infographic

NARP Membership Fliers

This file contains two one-page black and white fliers, which are great tools for signing up new NARP members. Perfect for keeping on hand during train trips. The first sums up what NARP does as an organization, and the second lists and illustrates the benefits for dues-paying members.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11"

Calfornia High Speed Rail Infographic

Beautiful full color handout extolling the benefits of one the country's largest projects currently underway.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11"


These posters illustrate the health, environmental, economic and connectivity benefits of trains.

Dimensions: 24x36"

Vision Map

This map shows NARP's vision for a truly national system. Read more about NARP's vision map here.

Dimensions: 36x24"

Associate Member Sign-Up Sheets

Anyone can help NARP by recruiting new Associate Members. It's easy -- all you need is a name, email address, city & state, and zip code to sign someone up. Associate Members receive our e-newsletter and action alerts (but not discounts, unless they become a paying member).

Fill up one (or ten!) sign-up sheets and mail or scan and email them to NARP.

Dimensions: 11x8.5"