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Title Published Date
Railroad Passengers Praise Economic Recovery Legislation 02-14-09
Advocates for Environment, Freight, and Passenger Rail and Transportation Reform Uniteā€¦ 01-15-09
Railroad Passengers Urge Obama Administration to Intervene in Hudson River Railroad Tunnels Project 01-13-09
Rail Passengers Praise Weyrich as Rail and Transit Advocate 12-18-08
Rail Passengers statement on the appointment of Joseph Boardman as Amtrak CEO 11-25-08
Rail Passengers statement on the resignation of Amtrak CEO Alex Kummant 11-14-08
Rail Passengers Endorse Train Stimulus Component; Reiterate Hudson River Tunnel Concerns 11-06-08
Rail Passengers Hail Passage of Combined Rail Safety and Amtrak Reauthorization Bill 10-01-08
Railroad Passengers Endorse Passenger Train Funding in Economic Stimulus Bill 09-26-08
Rail Passengers Support Combined Rail Safety and Amtrak Reauthorization Bill 09-24-08
Railroad Passengers Urgently Seek Nationwide Deployment of Life-Saving Positive Train Control 09-23-08
Railroad Passengers Urge Presidential Candidates to Consider Train Investments 09-16-08
Railroad Passengers: Increased Amtrak Energy Efficiency Strengthens Case for More Trains 08-15-08
Railroad Passengers Criticize GAO Report 08-14-08
Rail Passengers Call for Increased Amtrak Funding 06-20-08
Rail Passengers Applaud Passenger Rail Bill Passage 06-11-08
Oil Prices Underline Need for More Passenger Trains 06-03-08
NARP to Celebrate National Train Day; Calls on policymakers to support Grow Trains Campaign 05-07-08
Congressman John Oliver Wins National Railroad Award 04-30-08
Senator Gordon Smith Wins National Railroad Award 04-30-08