Congratulations, David and Amanda!

Congratulations and best wishes to NARP Assistant Director David Johnson on his engagement yesterday to Amanda Bechtel (no relation to the construction giant). Their three-year friendship survived two years of geographical separation (June 2004-June 2006), while Amanda was getting her M.S. degree in Art Therapy at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee.

Amanda moved back east in June and she is an Art Therapist at The Center for Eating Disorders in the Sheppard Pratt Health System in Towson, Maryland. They live in Laurel from whence he walks to the MARC train and she of necessity drives to work. Her family lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, his in Newport News, Virginia, so he has logged a lot of airline and Amtrak miles over the past three years. She enjoys art, knitting and crafts, and reading; David loves riding trains (of course!) and is a big soccer and hockey fan. They both enjoy bicycling.

And, most importantly, David reports that he is getting her warmed up to train travel: they have taken several trips in the Northeast Corridor and have ridden Chicago-Washington on the Capitol Limited (with another trip on that train planned in January).

His NARP colleagues wish them much happiness!

—Ross Capon

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