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Title Published Date
Passenger Group Stands In Opposition to Ryan Budget’s Plan to Cripple Amtrak 04-04-14
NARP Urges Governor Fallin to Keep Passenger Rail Options Open for Sooner Subdivision 02-28-14
Ross Capon Transitions From His 39-Year Tenure at National Association of Railroad Passengers 02-27-14
U.S. Rail Passenger Association Urges Canada To Maintain Threatened Service 01-31-14
Empire Builder Passengers Are Being Left Out in the Cold 01-29-14
Railroad Passengers Reaffirm Support for California High Speed Rail 01-14-14
James Souby Named to Lead Mountains and Plains Division for the National Association of Railroad Passengers 12-04-13
California’s High Speed Rail Project Will Continue Forward 11-27-13
Rail Passengers Defend Public’s Right to Transportation 11-18-13
Passengers Meet in Florida to Fight for World-Class Trains 10-16-13
Rail Passengers Voice Opposition to House Transportation Bill 06-18-13
Railroad Passengers Ask for Support of Long-Distance Trains 06-11-13
In Memoriam: Sen. Frank Lautenberg (1924-2013) 06-03-13
Passengers Advocate before Congress for Investment in Trains 05-21-13
Passengers Honor Illinois’ Kirk for His Tireless Work on Passenger Rail 04-26-13
Burch Family Honors Amtrak Employee for Advancing the Safety of Train Passengers 04-24-13
Passengers Honor Oregon’s DeFazio for His Stalwart Support of Trains 04-23-13
Passengers Congratulate Hope on Inauguration of Train Service, Point to Future Improvements 04-04-13
Passengers Oppose Partisan Attacks on Las Vegas-Los Angeles Train Project 03-13-13
Railroad Passengers Applaud, Criticize Brookings Report 03-01-13